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Why New Mexico Style Homes Are so Popular

New Mexico style homes originate from the Pueblo Revival style architecture popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This contemporary take on a classic design utilizes the classic adobe look of the Pueblo Revival style with 21st century finishing such as brick and concrete and twenty-first century amenities. This style of home gives you the feeling of stepping back in time with modern finishing and amenities. Perhaps that’s why it’s so popular.201403511-1

New Mexico style homes are affordable long-lasting homes that never fail to please the eye or the tenant. These homes bring a sense of old America to a new age and are great for any tenant whether it’s a family of five or just you and your roommate. New Mexico style homes are often a great choice for those who want a lot of amenity for their money and for those who want to make investments that will be worth it. Of course these homes are great on the aesthetic side but realistically people want homes that will last for years and years without frequent structural problems that often occur in houses made out of lesser material and the overall investment to fix these problems. With a New Mexico style home you’re getting a home that is sturdy, beautiful, and an investment to be proud of.201405677-1

The interior of these homes often gives the impression that one is walking back in time but with modern day amenities such as stainless steal fridges and appliances. The finishes on New Mexico style homes are often designed in coordination with the overall Pueblo Revival style look and bring a sense of classic New Mexico to the home with touches of this century. The deep windows and door openings are molded around the look of the classic adobe Pueblo style homes and emanate the heritage of New Mexico and the surrounding regions.

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