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Living in New Mexico and What’s Cool about it

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Living in New Mexico a unique and one of a kind experience

The majority of everyone that comes through New Mexico can easily see why it’s known as the, “Land of Enchantment”.  There is just something about New Mexico that draws people, all of us Native New Mexicans say it all the time.  Having grown up and spent the better part of my life Living in New Mexico and having lived abroad as well there are just so many things that you miss when you are away from New Mexico.  So for New Mexico Living tips and in the spirit of discussing some of the great perks New Mexicans get to enjoy we outline some of those perks.

New Mexico Sunsets are unparalleled!

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I have been to many different places over the past 15 years and had the privilege ofenjoying magnificent sunset.  That being said New Mexico sunsets are just unique and picturesque.  One thing is for sure and that is New Mexicans are spoiled rotten with beautiful sunsets and they are not just every once in a while they are magnificent every single day.

Hatch Green Chile is LAW!

One of the things that New Mexico is most well known for is the local cuisine!  New Mexico in my opinion has the best food in the entire country.  It is important that you don’t confuse New Mexican food with Mexican foodNew Mexico Living as it is very different.  One of the secrets to our  exquisite dishes is, yep you guessed it, HATCH CHILE!  Harvest times is one of the best times to be here not just because of the cultural events going on but in large part because its time for Chile roasting across the state!  Hatch chile is shipped all over the state and chile begins to be roasted and sold everywhere filling the streets with that one of a kind roasted chile aroma.  Buy your chile roasted or raw and roast it yourself it doesn’t matter but we all are definitely stockpiling our chile to get us through the year.  It’s world famous!

Fiestas Fiestas and more Fiestas!

Living in New Mexico

One that sets New Mexico apart from the rest is the culture.  Santa Fe is the nations oldest capital that being the case is stocked full of great history.  With the rich history in New Mexico comes great local traditions and some of that means lots of fiestas.  September is when Fiestas de Santa Fe goes down!  If you haven’t heard of Fiestas de Santa Fe you will know if you live in New Mexico.  Fiesta de Santa Fe is in celebration of the peaceful reoccupation of the City of Holy Faith by Don Diego de Vargas in 1692.  Well Fiesta de Santa Fe has been going on since Sept 1712 so it has been over 300 years since it was started!  During this time the refrain of, “Qué Vive la Fiesta” can be heard all around old town Santa Fe as there are cultural fiestas and events throughout the Fiestas week including the burning of Zozobra at Fort Marcy Park.  We can go on about other great Fiestas like Annual International Balloon Fiesta as well which is one of the largest hot air balloon Festivals anywhere in the world.  With a rich culture there are always great Fiestas and traditions to enjoy while living in New Mexico.

Well these are just a few reasons why New Mexico living is unique and something that brings people from around Living in New Mexicothe world to experience the Land of Enchantment.  This is why so many people come for a visit and end up staying for good finding their own New Mexico Real Estate or just a Home away from home.  If you need any help with that we we’ll be glad to help with your New Mexico Property needs.  So with all of that don’t get left out and start looking for your New Mexico Real Estate and discover the many wonders that make New Mexico one of a kind.



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