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Shawn West

Shawn West

Shawn was born and raised in Santa Fe and his family has been here for generations. Four generations to be exact. It may be strange seeing a lot of them are red heads, but that’s what gives us our edge.

Shawn attended college at the University of New Mexico and his background in acting and art contribute to his creativity and his eye for beauty in this world which is very much needed. Shawn’s natural charisma and love for people are his special gift in creating long lasting relationships. Shawn also has an exceptional work ethic and takes pride in staying for the long haul.

Although Shawn is the youngest of the bunch, his energy is never ending. Shawn will sell and purchase circles around everyone else, while keeping the deal safe and moving forward. Shawn is an amazing asset who is thankful to be working with family at Valdez & Associates, Inc. He is looking forward to meeting and helping so many new people.


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