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Living in New Mexico – Walk to Santuario de Chimayo

Living in New Mexico is definitely different than living anywhere else in the United States.  There are many different reasons that Living in New Mexico is so distinct.  Things from the food, the history, events and the culture definitely set New Mexico apart from other states.  While there is always amazing history anywhere some people tend to forget the culture that is spread throughout the state of New Mexico.  As Santa Fe Property Managers we have a deep rooted love for the culture and history of New Mexico.  Last week we saw another annual cultural event take place which was the Walk to Santuario in Chimayo. So if you are wondering what the, Walk to Santuario in Chimayo is, then let’s delve into the Walk to Santuario in Chimayo.

Interesting Facts About the Walk to Santuario in Chimayo

“El Santuario de Chimayo” plays a very important role in New Mexico culture. New Mexico LivingIt is recognized as one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the world. People from different parts of the world, yearn for a walk to Santuario in Chimayo. The holy place is famous for its curative powers. The “Holy Dirt” or “Tierra Bendita” found in a small hole that is close to the altar is believed to have the power to heal mental and physical illnesses. For more than two centuries, people have seen the miraculous healing powers of Tierra Bendita. The dirt is believed to alleviate various afflictions and ailments in no time.

The Numbers

If you want to experience authentic traditions in New Mexico, you should begin with Santuario in Chimayo. The place is visited by nearly 300,000 devotees every year. You will be surprised to note that 30,000 people walk to the

Living in New Mexico

Good Friday pilgrimmage to Santuario de Chimayo. As many as 30,000 make the journey.

site from different parts of the world during the Holy Week alone. According to local traditions, people cross more than 100 miles to reach Chimayo. Of course, the journey is complete on hands & knees. Also, most people walk barefoot throughout the pilgrimage. Some walk with cactus needles in their footwear and carry huge wooden crosses to prove their devotion. During the special Holy Week, many events are conducted in and around the site. These events cannot be elsewhere!

The Past

The walk to Santuario in Chimayo has a history that dates back to early 1810s. This was when a local Penitente saw light emanating from the Santa Cruz River during one of their rites. As the penitente walked closer to the light, he discovered that it was coming from the ground. Consequently, he dug the ground and spotted a black Christ in a large crucifix. Sooner, the penitente called his brothers and carried out all necessary benedictions. This crucifix was called as “The Black Christ of Esquipulas” or “Nuestro de Senor de Esquipulas”.

What Happens Today?

During the walk to Santuario in Chimayo, it is customary to carry a candle, personal note, rosary or make a small offering. The offerings can be left on the outdoor alter. It is recommended for devotees to carry a small container, if they wish to take small amounts of the holy dirt home. A lot of people dissolve the dirt in water, apply it on wounds or eat it. Nonetheless, belief in the dirt’s curative powers is pure Faith! So come and see what the Walk to Santuario de Chimayo is all about.

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