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New Mexico Property Management – Green Home Updates That Can Save You Cash!

Maintaining Real Estate in New Mexico and anywhere can be tough!  Leaky roofs, weather damage and just general repairs can add up over time when you are a home/property owner or even just a property manager.  It’s ok that’s all part of the show which is why there is also plenty that you can do to save yourself a bunch of cash!  What do I need to do to save some money on my New Mexico Real Estate you might ask?  Well it’s simple there are currently millions of Americans around the country that are saving tons of cash by making some simple eco friendly changes to their homes and properties.  Let’s go over a few of those Eco Friendly Home changes!

If you haven’t already go low flow!

This one should be a no brainer!  Living in New Mexico brings along environmental challenges and the most obvious is definitely the fact that we live in a desert.  This means little water so it’s not a hard to guess that you will be helping out the environment by switching to a low flow toilet.  Makes you feel good knowing you are doing a good thing for the environment right but it’s a huge money saver especially in New Mexico since water is more expensive due to what seem to be yearly droughts.  So if you haven’t made the switch make sure you do, you be happy that you did.

Shine a little light on things!


Did you know that switching to energy efficient light bulbs can save you cash?  Well, it can and does!  If   you switch your regular light bulbs over to compact flourescent light bu

lbs then you can save up to around $40 dollars light bulb over the course of that bulbs life!  Now how many light bulbs do you have in your home?  I am guessing that you probably have more than just one light bulb right?!?!  That means the savings can start to add up for your for each light bulb and guess what the flourescent bulbs last up to 10 times longer than regular bulbs!  Cool right!

Warm in the Winter cool in the Summer!

This one will not only save you money on your heating and cooling bill but it will make you or your tenants much more comfortablaisladoe!  Liking where you live is important and it’s important to be comfortable so while the money saving factor is great it’s also the comfort that makes this so great!  Many homes are not properly insulated which leads to higher heating and cooling bills.  You can check with the Department of Energy for ZIP code insulation specifications!

Lights On, Lights Off!

I know we mentioned light bulbs but that isn’t all you can do.  Electric appliances can definitely rack up that bill very quickly.  You may be thinking. “But I turn all my appliances off and the bill still is high?”  This is a common point but even when you turn off your appliances most of them are still using electricity and so power strips that you can use to plug multiple appliances into and turn off completely at the flick of a switch will come in handy!  Power strips are very efficient as you can just turn off all of your appliances at once and not worry about them sucking power.  In short get one or many of those so that you can save a bit on your electric bill.apagar


Well there you have it, some tips for saving a little money on your Real Estate in New Mexico.  We love helping you out and want to continue to do so.  So for more info on how you can save money on Real Estate in New Mexico Subscribe to our blog today and contact us for the Best New Mexico Property Management services and New Mexico Real Estate services.

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