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Ready for winter? New Mexico Property Management Tips

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter?

It might be October, but here in New Mexico you will certainly sense the gust of cold winter approaching!New Mexico Property Management Before cold weather conditions settle in, you should prepare your home for a safer and warmer winter experience. As New Mexico Property Management Experts we believe that homeowners should engage in four critical steps to save their property and dear ones from the negative side of white, cold winters. These steps should be carried out while you are enjoying the warm, sunny summers and autumn. Prior preparation proves to be cheaper and extremely useful.

Step #1 – Clean the Gutters

The first step in getting your home ready for winter would be cleaning the gutters. All the twigs, Santa Fe Property Managersgrime and leaves you forget (or neglect) during adventurous summer should be removed. Gutters with grime and leaves will prevent the entire drainage system from functioning properly. This will increase the risks of water flooding inside your house. Conversely, moisture issues can increase your energy bills and cause different types of health issues. To avoid such complications, you should clean the drains and gutters during summer (or at least by autumn). Also, make sure there are no misalignments in the gutter. Unattended misalignments can trigger water damage.

Step #2 – Prevent Air Leaks

If you wish to reduce your energy bills in winter, you must prevent air leaks! Try to keep iSanta Fe Property Managersnside air in and outside air out. Warm air can escape easily through open cracks and holes. This will force your heating system to work extensively. As a result, your home’s overall energy bill would increase drastically. Thus, seal all
openings and close all cracks for a well-trapped, warm home.

Step #3 – Treat the Furnace

Before cold winter descends, you should give a little bit of TLC to the furnace. A clean furnace can do wonders during winter. Make sure sediment deposits are removed and the system is working efficiently. Clean furnaces will reduce the risks of various fire hazards too. Additionally, you should make sure the filters are clean! Always remember that a dirty filter can decrease the energy efficiency of your furnace.

Step #4 – Get the Ducts in Shape!

Another important step to be performed while preparing your home for winter would be getting the ducts in row. Tucked away, deep inside your basement or attic would be the ducts. These are critical units that contribute to 20% of energy loss from central heating units. Properly sealed and insulated ducts will help you save at least 100 USD from your annual energy bill.

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