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A Golden Chance to Live in Santa Fe, NM


Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, is a very beautiful and stylish city also referred to as City Different. Because of its historical ambiance, Santa Fe attracts a large number of lovers of art and culture. It has a thriving art scene and a city where festivals take place all around the year. Santa Fe is famous all over the country for its Mexican influence, especially in its cuisine. It is the oldest and also the highest state capital of the country (situated at 2194m above sea level).


Ideal place for outdoor activities enthusiasts

Santa Fe is located in the foothills of Rocky Mountains. It boasts of 4 seasons that allows residents to indulge in Home for Sale in Santa fe Areaoutdoor activities. You can enjoy not just hot and dry summers but also winter season with some snowfall. People living in Santa Fe take part in many exciting outdoor activities like Fishing, hiking, river rafting, mountain biking, skiing, horse riding, and hunting. Santa Fe is like a paradise for you if you are fond of outdoor activities.


Santa Fe has a robust arts scene and a vibrant multicultural society with the biggest influence being Spanish. Fiesta de Santa Fe is a weeklong festival of the city that brings out the best in art, crafts, music, and food.


Santa Fe may be a small mountain city but it has enough attractions to pull people towards it. It is a great place to live and raise your family. No doubt then that Santa Fe has a robust and strong housing market. It has a small

Santa Fe Housing Market

Good Investments depend on staying up to date with the Santa Fe Housing Market

population of 83000 people and a median home value that stands at $259,600. With a median household income of more than $50000, Santa Fe has a low cost of living. It leaves more in your pocket to indulge in recreation along with your family. Santa Fe is a mountain city with lots of greenery, beautiful architecture, and amazing food to be alluring for all those looking for a new home. It is a gem of a city for those who are fond of outdoor activities.


If you are looking for a beautiful home for your family in Santa Fe, this property situated at #8 Poco Lane might be worth considering. It is a beautiful home in La Cienega Area, a place famous for its scenic beauty and quiet and peaceful surroundings. This area is a part of Santa Fe New Mexico Metropolitan Area. It has a population of just 3000 and you will find the community warm and welcoming. Median rent in Santa Fe is $1000 and you can very well use this property to earn attractive rental income.


This house, priced at $430000, is perfect for families who want to live in total comfort in natural surroundings. ItInvestment Properties has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and 2 garages to park your vehicles. The house has been so constructed at elevation to allow natural sunlight in all rooms during the daytime. You will get breathtaking views of the natural scenery from this house. The house is situated just outside Santa Fe and you can get quick and easy access to everywhere in the city within minutes. Just imagine living a quiet and peaceful life and enjoying all modern amenities so close to the capital of New Mexico.


Rooms in this house have tiled flooring. The kitchen and the bathroom are fitted with all modern amenities. Natural light comes in all rooms so you would not be required to consume a lot of electricity for the purpose of lighting during daytime.


If you are interested, please contact Samantha Monet.  She can help you find great Santa Fe Investment properties just like this one! She has 22 years of experience helping her clients finding their dream homes in and around Santa Fe.

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