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Things to do in New Mexico during December!

Things to do in New Mexico

Best Things to Do in New Mexico During December

Christmas in New Mexico is much more than what you may picture in your head. Ardent travelers consider Santa Fe as a “City of Differences”. The festive season delights visitors and locals with more than 30 days of endless fun, color, delicate cuisines and celebrations. New Mexico beams with special events, shopping opportunities, music and many more festive happenings.  As one of your Top Property Management Companies in New Mexico we want to help you enjoy your December in the Land of Enchantment so make sure you check out some of these New Mexico Activities! If you are wondering what would be the best things to do in New Mexico during Christmas, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help.

Do #1 – Handel’s Messiah

Christmas in New Mexico begins with Handel’s Messiah during mid-November. Handel’s MessiahNew Mexico Living is an amazing show performed by the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus. The special event is attended by many musicians, celebrities and VIPs. One would be astonished to note that the Handel’s Messiah has a history that dates back by two and a half centuries. Even today, listeners feel mesmerized and awestruck with the divine music.  Handel Messiah is performed at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe.  For tickets and information about other events by the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra you can follow this link. Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra

Do #2 – Shopping!

Christmas without oodles of shopping will always remain incomplete. This is why you should shop downtown during Black Friday. The season delights shoppers with many scintillating gifts and food varieties at rock bottom rates. You will see lanes-and-lanes of knives, jewelries, baskets, rugs, potteries and many more antique items. Also, don’t forget to shop from the SWAIA Winter Indian Market organized by the Santa Fe Indian Market and is highly recommended by us and other New Mexico Property Management Companies. The occasion blends striking Native arts with cultural artifacts. The holiday spirit of New Mexico hits a whole new level.

Do #3 – Las Posadas

Another interesting activity in New Mexico during Christmas would be “Las Posadas”. This is a traditional feast that re-creates Mary and Joseph’s hunt for proper lodging. Las Posadas is famous for its candle-lit procession through the beautifully decorated streets of Santa Fe Plaza.

Do #4 – Music

The Holiday spirit in Santa Fe gets highlighted with the annual afternoon music fest – “The Santa Fe Symphony”. The symphony is famous for the following numbers: Faith’s Brazilian Sleigh Bells, Corelli’s Christmas Concerto, Wendell’s Little Drummer Boy and Yon’s Gesu bambino. Christmas in New Mexico becomes traditional and predominantly cultural between December 19th and 24th. If you want to experience a Baroque Christmas, you should head towards the Loretto Chapel. The Chapel fascinates visitors with Music by Vivaldi, Back and Handel.

Do #5 – Performance at the Lensic

Additionally, don’t forget to enjoy New Mexico’s famous Lensic Theater.  The Lensic theater isNew Mexico Living also where we previously mentioned Handel’s Messiah. There are performances by many different artists and organizations.  Such performances include but are not limited to, “Christmas Treasures” by the Symphony Orchestra,  “The Nutcracker” and much more.  The Lensic in Santa Fe is a must do so if you haven’t checked out the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe here is a link tho their event calender.
Well there you have it so you don’t run out of enchantments definitely check out some of these during December.  If you New Mexico Property Owners need more tips for things to do during December in New Mexico let us know!  Also if you think we forgot to mention something here on the list let us know we may feature your event on a future article!

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