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Top Cities to Live in New Mexico – New Mexico Real Estate

Our choices for Top Cities to Live in New Mexico

New Mexico is, The, “Land of Enchantment” and is a wonderful place to spend the holidays and also is well known and great for retirement investments. This can be attributed to its stunning mountains, cold winters, lovely forests and rolling planes. Very rarely would you come across a fictional location like New Mexico! There is so much to be explored and understood about the country. If you are lost on what would be the most enchanting place of all in New Mexico, then not to worry this week we are going to talk about some great places to the New Mexico Property and Real Estate. This article revolves around the top five cities to live in New Mexico. May it be the quality of life, list of amenities, the economy or weather, these locations are definitely worth considering if you are looking for Places to live in New Mexico.

City #1 – Los Alamos

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The list of best cities in New Mexico begins with Los Alamos. It is a mystical place built around the White Rock Canyon and Pajarito Plateau. It is extremely well known for its state of the art National laboratories which provide job security to plenty of New Mexicans. You will be astounded to note that the design of many impressive nuclear weapons happens here! With a hefty median income figure of 100,000 USD, Los Alamos is ideal for new families.


City #2 – Santa Fe

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Most tourists visit New Mexico for the City of Santa Fe. Recognized as the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe is a beautiful place with unique architecture and stunning festivals. It is rich with vibrant culture and one-of-a-kind art galleries. Plenty of cultural activies will keep you busy and the Santa Fe Opera is famous nationwide.  If you want a classy, high quality life, Santa Fe must be your next stop.


City #3 – Rio Rancho

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Known as the economic hub of New Mexico, Rio Rancho is home to many impressive businesses and investments. It is home to nearly a million residents who crave for sophistication and high quality life. With a median household income of 60000 USD, Rio Rancho is a rich place for investors and retirees. Nevertheless, you should remember that rental charges are remarkably high in Rio Rancho.



City #4 – Albuquerque


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Albuquerque skyline and mountains

Another wonderful city to live in New Mexico would be Albuquerque. This is biggest city and the most populated in the state so that means plenty of activities non stop for everyone. To be more specific, the place is loaded with surprises for everyone. From the Albuquerque Biological Park, stunning Science Center or Isotopes Game, Albuquerque has something for everyone in the family.  Year round there is plenty to do in Albuquerque and the cost of living is much lower than any of the previously mentioned New Mexico Cities we’ve mentioned so far

City #5 – Lovington

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Rounding out the top #5 cities to live in New Mexico closes with Lovington. This is a progressive and a friendly city that is ideal for raising a happy family. This is a city with small population and is up on the rise.  Low crime rate makes it ideal for raising a family.

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