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What did you do this Memorial day weekend in NM? – Living in New Mexico

Five Great Places to visit over a long weekend in New Mexico

Here are Valdez and Associates we love our veterans and our very thankful for the service our Men and Women in the Military have given and do give for us daily. That being said we want to know what you were up to this Memorial day weekend in New Mexico? There are so many great places to visit in New Mexico and great places to see so here are some of our suggestions for things to see in New Mexico!

New Mexico is also known as the “Land of Enchantment”. It is known for its gem-rich mountains, huge underground caverns, glittering desserts and hundred years of human history! If you are pondering how New Mexico living would be, here are few monuments you shouldn’t miss out. There is so much to do and enjoy in the country. With this being said, here are few renowned New Mexico activities for your family this Memorial Day weekend. These are breath taking destinations that cannot be found elsewhere. Most of these places are several centuries old and famous across different parts of the world!

The White Cliffs

The list of things to do in New Mexico this Memorial Day begins with “Kasha Katuwe Tent rocks National Must see places in New MexicoMonument”. The rocks are few minutes away from Santa Fe. They are everything you can dream of in a massive dessert trek. The beautifully formed rocks are narrow and a delight to the eye. They overlook the majestic Jamez Mountains and the splendid Rio Grande River Valley. Locals have named the rocks “Kasha Katuwe” for its white cliffs. Many believe that the mountains have being around for several million years. Drive to this destination from Santa Fe is very easy and quick, making it a great weekend getaway!

Ghost Ranch

As suggested by its name, the Ghost Ranch has been haunted for several millennia. It has being home to great painters, cattle rustlers, dinosaurs and horse thieves. The location is only an hour from Santa Fe and it welcomes public all year around. If you want a stunning hiking trail or enjoy photography, the Ghost Ranch is your safe haven.

Bandelier National Monument

The list of New Mexico activities will remain incomplete without the Bandelier National Monument. This national park has a history that dates back by a million years. It is around 1000 feet thick and loaded with soft layers of ash. The beautiful Living in New Mexico1.2 mile loop trail is made accessible with wooden ladders. The cave gives visitors a comprehensive insight into the canyon’s great history too!

Collecting Turquoise Gemstones

Turquoise jewelry is very unique to New Mexico and the southwest and it’s one of the best places to find it! The Cerrillos Hills State Park is famous for its beautiful turquoise gemstones. The park is home to North America’s oldest turquoise mines! Indeed, if you love treasure hunting, this is where you should be! You can take a guided tour to the Cerrillos Hills state park or hike the trails on your own.

Bosque del Apache

Moving on, the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge delights birds and visitors with 300 days of non-stopLiving in New Mexico sunshine. Even during winter, this destination looks and feels like paradise. This is one of the most amazing places you must visit in New Mexico and even more so if you want to get some great pictures especially with the many different birds.

Well there is out list if you are Living in New Mexico and haven’t had a chance to visit any or all of these sites we highly recommend that you make it a point to visit these sites. As New Mexico Property Managers we have a deep rooted love for our state so enjoy New Mexico to it’s fullest!  We are and hope you will too.


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