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Tірѕ For Rеfіnаnсіng Yоur Hоmе in New Mexico

Last post received quite some attention and rung strong in the ears of our fellow New Mexicans and so we are very glad that so many found that article helpful since as we know being in New Mexico sometimes keeps our Housing Marketing in New Mexico out of the limelight sometimes.  So, since we love […]

New Mexico Homeowner Tips – Santa Fe Property Management

Part of our drive at Valdez & Associates, Inc. is being able to make homeowners and tenants lives easier.  The New Mexico Housing Market anywhere can be tricky.  When to buy when to sell, how to get tennants when to do maintenance etc.  There is a lot to do and it can be confusing at […]

New Mexico Home Owners Tips & Santa Fe Property Management

Tips for dealing with Tenants ___________________________________   Renting a home in New Mexico to a tenant can be a difficult decision to take. If you have Santa Fe properties that you are planning to rent out, your first priority would be to get tenants that abide by the law and the terms of your contract. […]

Home Owner’s Insurance- Santa Fe Property Management

Home Owner’s insurance how important is it? __________________________________________ If you are a homeowner in New Mexico or are looking at Santa Fe properties, the first thing to know about Santa Fe property management is about home owners insurance. Home owner’s insurance for your Santa Fe properties can vary depending on the insurance company that you get […]

Ready for winter? New Mexico Property Management Tips

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter? It might be October, but here in New Mexico you will certainly sense the gust of cold winter approaching! Before cold weather conditions settle in, you should prepare your home for a safer and warmer winter experience. As New Mexico Property Management Experts we believe that homeowners should […]

Top Cities to Live in New Mexico – New Mexico Real Estate

Our choices for Top Cities to Live in New Mexico New Mexico is, The, “Land of Enchantment” and is a wonderful place to spend the holidays and also is well known and great for retirement investments. This can be attributed to its stunning mountains, cold winters, lovely forests and rolling planes. Very rarely would you […]

Boost Your Chances of Selling with these Home Improvements

Ways to Boost your chances of selling your Property in New Mexico Quicker! Hello Readers! As much as we would like for our Homes to sell on their own unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Nor do they sell on the sentiments of You Property owners out there.  As most of you already know it […]

6 Tips to Finding a Reliable Real Estate Agent

If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Santa Fe, nothing is more important for you than finding a good reliable realtor. A Good Realtor is a professional who will make this real estate transaction smooth and hassle free.  A really good Realtor in Santa Fe or elsewhere will definitely have your […]

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