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New Mexico Property Management – Green Home Updates That Can Save You Cash!

Maintaining Real Estate in New Mexico and anywhere can be tough!  Leaky roofs, weather damage and just general repairs can add up over time when you are a home/property owner or even just a property manager.  It’s ok that’s all part of the show which is why there is also plenty that you can do […]

New Mexico Homeowner Tips – Santa Fe Property Management

Part of our drive at Valdez & Associates, Inc. is being able to make homeowners and tenants lives easier.  The New Mexico Housing Market anywhere can be tricky.  When to buy when to sell, how to get tennants when to do maintenance etc.  There is a lot to do and it can be confusing at […]

New Mexico Home Owners Tips & Santa Fe Property Management

Tips for dealing with Tenants ___________________________________   Renting a home in New Mexico to a tenant can be a difficult decision to take. If you have Santa Fe properties that you are planning to rent out, your first priority would be to get tenants that abide by the law and the terms of your contract. […]

Home Owner’s Insurance- Santa Fe Property Management

Home Owner’s insurance how important is it? __________________________________________ If you are a homeowner in New Mexico or are looking at Santa Fe properties, the first thing to know about Santa Fe property management is about home owners insurance. Home owner’s insurance for your Santa Fe properties can vary depending on the insurance company that you get […]

Santa Fe Vacation Rentals & Santa Fe Property Management

August may be here but that doesn’t mean that summer is over. Whether you’ve been traveling out and about, or have been inundated with work, there is still time to make THE everlasting summer memory. But to where, exactly? It’s too late to book a cruise, theme parks are overcrowded, not to mention overrated. What […]

Ready for winter? New Mexico Property Management Tips

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter? It might be October, but here in New Mexico you will certainly sense the gust of cold winter approaching! Before cold weather conditions settle in, you should prepare your home for a safer and warmer winter experience. As New Mexico Property Management Experts we believe that homeowners should […]

Rental Agreement Tips – New Mexico Property Management

This week we are going to talk about something that every Santa Fe Property Owner wants and really deserves!  Smooth Rental Agreements!  This is a big thing whether or not you have a Santa Fe Property Management firm or are just doing your own property management. Everyone wants to make sure that things are smooth […]

Why use Santa Fe Property Management

 What can a Santa Fe Property Manager can do for you? Do you own a property in Santa Fe? Is your property too big or loaded with multiple facilities? In such situations, you will require more energy and time handling the property. This is when property Managers in New Mexico becomes useful. These are professionals […]

New Mexico Housing Marketing Outlook 2016 – Santa Fe Property Management

As some of the Top Santa Fe Property Management service providers we always are keeping track of the Housing marketing in New Mexico so that we can help you get the best for all of your New Mexico Property Investments.  Whether you want to invest in a new Home, want a real estate property for […]

Do you need a Santa Fe Property Manager?

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Management Company If you are a hands-on landlord or planning to buy a rental income property in Santa Fe in the near future, you need to realize the importance of having a property manager. Being a landlord is not an easy task unless you experienced in property management and have […]

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