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Living in New Mexico and What’s Cool about it

Living in New Mexico a unique and one of a kind experience The majority of everyone that comes through New Mexico can easily see why it’s known as the, “Land of Enchantment”.  There is just something about New Mexico that draws people, all of us Native New Mexicans say it all the time.  Having grown […]

Santa Fe Investment Property Tips

We all know that the Real Estate industry can be pretty complicated and even just the basics.  So when you start getting involved in the different aspects of New Mexico Real Estate it helps if you have a helping hand.  Are you looking for Santa Fe Property for you and your family?  Are you looking […]

New Mexico Living & What’s happening in September

Interesting New Mexico Festivals in September New Mexico living reached a whole new level with Santa Fe, the creative UNESCO city. It is well known for its very many festivals and fairs. Every month, you will come across something special and enticing in New Mexico. With this being said, Santa Fe in September will blow […]

Top Cities to Live in New Mexico – New Mexico Real Estate

Our choices for Top Cities to Live in New Mexico New Mexico is, The, “Land of Enchantment” and is a wonderful place to spend the holidays and also is well known and great for retirement investments. This can be attributed to its stunning mountains, cold winters, lovely forests and rolling planes. Very rarely would you […]

Things to do in New Mexico during December!

Best Things to Do in New Mexico During December Christmas in New Mexico is much more than what you may picture in your head. Ardent travelers consider Santa Fe as a “City of Differences”. The festive season delights visitors and locals with more than 30 days of endless fun, color, delicate cuisines and celebrations. New […]

Living in New Mexico – Walk to Santuario de Chimayo

Living in New Mexico is definitely different than living anywhere else in the United States.  There are many different reasons that Living in New Mexico is so distinct.  Things from the food, the history, events and the culture definitely set New Mexico apart from other states.  While there is always amazing history anywhere some people […]

Spring Break in New Mexico – New Mexico Living

Enjoying New Mexico During Spring Break in New Mexico Are you searching for a pristine spring break getaway? Do you want to enjoy fresh air and pristine food? If yes, New Mexico is your safe haven. The country is known for its recreational activities, fine weather, wonderful sightseeing spots and scrumptious cuisine. Both kids and […]

Things to do & see in New Mexico – Living in New Mexico

Top 5 Things You Won’t See Anywhere But New Mexico Are you travelling to New Mexico? Do you want to enjoy a fun filled holiday with lots of enthusiastic activities? If yes, the next few lines are meant for you. New Mexico is filled with so many breathe taking events and festivals that cannot be […]

What did you do this Memorial day weekend in NM? Living in New Mexico

Five Great Places to visit over a long weekend in New Mexico Here are Valdez and Associates we love our veterans and our very thankful for the service our Men and Women in the Military have given and do give for us daily. That being said we want to know what you were up to […]

Fiesta de Santa Fe – Things to do in Santa Fe

Things to do in Santa Fe NM  Living in New Mexico is definitely very unique and different from living in other states throughout the Country. If you aren’t originally from New Mexico this is even more apparent and maybe it’s one of the reasons that you chose to look into Real Estate in New Mexico […]

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